Monday, July 2, 2018

Timothy's Sixth Month

I can't believe we're past Timothy's six month birthday! It's crazy that he's halfway to a year old already. Here's my recap of everything that was going on with our little guy this past month!

Very early in June, he learned how to roll from his back to his tummy! I find it quite amusing that he likes to roll while keeping the arm he's rolling towards by his side, making the task technically more difficult, but he still does it with ease. He had figured out rolling tummy to back pretty early on and then stopped doing it. But once he learned to roll to from back to tummy, he started rolling both ways quite regularly, and has traveled all around the living room away from his play gym just by rolling. 

Also early in June, he slept through the entire night! 7pm to 6am! I was stunned, but figured it was a fluke... and then he did it again, and again. Last week, he slept through the night almost every night. It's been nice, but it makes the night's where he doesn't sleep through the night a little more tiring... although I don't usually get to sleep through the night even when he does due to the discomfort of being overly full of milk. Oh, the number of nursing problems that no one warned me about beforehand! 

The third exciting thing from the beginning of June was the eruption of his first tooth! (So maybe teething doesn't affect his sleeping...? That's fine with me!) Finally, all that drooling has resulted in visible evidence that something was happening! His one little tooth is quite sharp, and has resulted in a bit of pain ("please, please, please, don't bite me" has become my nursing thought) and we don't enjoy letting him chew on our fingers quite as much anymore. But it's still an exciting milestone!

He's become very squirmy and energetic. He doesn't like to be held and cuddled much anymore, unless he's terribly sleepy, or something scared him. Even nursing is no longer very cuddly, if he's not grabbing my hair, pinching my face or trying to stick his fingers in my mouth, he's kicking his feet or doing butt raises! 

The squealing has only increased since last month, sometimes he sounds like a cat! He's also perfected his whining, later in the afternoon when he's getting tired he whines if one of us isn't constantly entertaining him. It's simultaneously cute, pathetic, and the most annoying sound ever!

He's been completely obsessed with sucking on his first two fingers this month. No pacifier for our little guy! Why bother when fingers are always accessible? Most naps, when I go in to check on him, he's on his tummy, two fingers in his mouth. 

When he's not working on crawling, he likes to practice standing, but he doesn't really care for sitting very much. I think he would skip right to standing and walking if he could, he's desperately trying to crawl, but finds it quite frustrating and usually doesn't try very long before he starts whining and looking for entertainment to take his mind off of it.

Solid food has been fun this past week! Every time he eats, he makes hilarious faces as soon as he touches the food to his mouth... but he continues trying to eat it! I didn't think he was actually swallowing anything, but I found some tiny pieces of broccoli in one of his diapers, so he is getting a little bit.

Speaking of diapers, cloth is definitely saving us money, but we're having some problems with diaper rash, and I have been trying to figure out what the problem is for what seems like this whole month! Thankfully, the rash doesn't seem to bother Timothy, but it's irritating me! I'm having to make changes to the wash routine and possibly do some treatment. Cloth isn't as easy as it seems it should be, but so far it's still worth it.

On his half-birthday, Timothy started making an expression that we're calling the "Scrunchy Face." It's absolutely adorable. He's also been even more giggly lately, the other day he was playing by himself and just started laughing for no particular reason!

At his 6-month well check he was 26.5 inches tall and 17.2 pounds! The Dr. said he's completely thriving, and that he couldn't be happier with how well he's doing. 

I can't believe we've already had half a year with our little chunk-a-lunk-a, and how much joy he adds to our lives!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Timothy's Fifth Month

Whew, so glad that leap is over! It took a little longer than I was hoping, the fussiness seemed to continue for a couple more weeks longer than I anticipated, and I'm not sure if it was due to the leap, or just the timing of the 4-month sleep regression (or both together) but he did have some trouble getting to sleep for several nights, and two nights where he woke me up three times, which felt like torture after all the nights he only woke once! Waking only once did become his standard this month, so I can't complain too much about the 4-month old sleep regression. And after about a week of rocky naps, he settled back to being a good napper too. 

He's been much more giggly, we're finally getting good laughs out of him more easily! He laughed at Daddy singing him a song, and often thinks it's funny when either of us "eats" him with scarfing sound effects. His favorite sounds to make are very emphatic, loud squeals and grunts. And he's more easily bored with toys, and more easily frustrated when he can't do exactly what he wants (crawling is hard, y'all!) when he tries.

He's also gotten a little more clingy this month, there have been several times when grandparents/aunts/uncles wanted to hold him, but if I gave him to them too soon, he'd start wailing. I need to make sure he gets a few good minutes to warm up to them before getting handed off. 

Here's how he uses his play gym to help him roll from back to tummy!

He's finally gotten back into rolling from his tummy to his back some more after taking a break for a couple months, and he's also working on rolling from back to tummy. He's great at getting onto his side, and has even rolled all the way to his tummy by pushing off with his feet on the leg of his play gym, but that doesn't completely count. He can sometimes get his knees up under him for his scooting, but he hasn't been pushing up on his arms to a crawling position yet. 

We've started letting him sit in his booster/high chair at the table with us while we're eating, and he watches us eat and enthusiastically eats the toys we give him.... and equally enthusiastically flings them on the floor. Which seems quite intentional sometimes, although supposedly babies don't intentionally throw/drop things until much older. At the end of this month he can start eating solids, so that will be interesting!

This is how he naps in the car... the hat helps block the light, and interesting, distracting things going by outside!

For Memorial Day weekend, we did 2 day trips! Timothy's first time to the mountains and the beach! We separated them by one day at home so we'd have some time to recover. Overall they went really well, and the supercharging stops were mostly timed nicely to coincide with when Timothy was supposed to be nursing anyway, so it worked out really well... except for the one time he wasn't interested in feeding, even though he was supposed to be hungry!

First day trip was up to the mountains, to spend the day with Matt's parents who were up there for the week. We had a fun day eating at our favorite mountain restaurant, hiking and just relaxing on the veranda and enjoying the view. Timothy did great napping in the car during the day, and we left after his bedtime feed and he slept the whole way home.

The second day trip to the beach was to spend the day with my family, and some friends, who had rented a cottage on the beach for the weekend. We had a relaxing day eating lunch at the cottage, playing Sushi Go, and spending a short time out on the beach so Timothy could experience sand and the ocean! He did great sitting in his seat while Matt and I ate at our favorite Wilmington restaurant, Indochine. And then he slept all the way home again.

We're enjoying doing day trips with him, it's easier for him to sleep the first few hours after bedtime in the car on the way home, and then we all get to sleep in our own beds at home, which is much better sleep for Matt and me, and seems to be better sleep for Timothy too. 

Timothy is just getting to be more and more fun as he becomes more giggly, more independent and opinionated, and shows us more of his own little personality! He's a sweet, cheerful baby, and I can't believe he's only been part of our lives for 5 months... but at the same time, I feel like he's growing up too fast. 


Friday, May 4, 2018

Timothy's Fourth Month

Timothy has been settling into a pretty consistent nap routine this month, 2 hours in the morning, 1.5-2 hours in the early afternoon, and a later afternoon 30-45 min nap. It's made it a little harder for me to want to get out and do things, because we so often disrupt his nap times being out, and he sleeps so well in his crib! Church is usually right during nap time, but he is still doing pretty well sleeping in the carrier. I'm not sure how long that will last!

He likes his crib so much that we've completely switched him to sleeping in the crib all night. The transition to our room was starting to disturb him and he'd waking up instead of sleeping through the move. So we started leaving him in the crib until he woke up for his first feeding around midnight-1am. But then we found that he seemed to sleep less soundly in the cosleeper, so I started putting him back in his crib after his second night feeding around 4-5am. Finally after a few nights of him only sleeping in our room for those few wee hours, I decided I should just let him sleep in the nursery all night, and now instead of nursing him in our bed, I get up and go to the nursery to feed him. 

It was a nice, gradual transition, and he's been sleeping quite well in the nursery. Matt sleeps better because after the few initial squawks from the monitor, I turn it off and he gets peace and quiet instead of listening to Timothy's noisy eating, Timothy sleeps better because his crib is more comfy and my tossing around doesn't disturb him, and I sleep better because I'm not worried about waking him up in my attempts to get comfortable and go back to sleep after feeding. He's even given us several nights this month where he only woke once! 

We still think he's teething, there is just SO much drool! And he wants to chew on everything! But no visible sign of teeth yet that I can tell. He likes chewing on knuckles (Daddy's is his favorite) and his carriers when we're wearing him, but he'll chew on anything he can get in his mouth.

He's also more fussy lately, but we figure that's just because he's been in Leap 4 this month. This is the "world of events" and is supposedly the worst leap yet. So far it really hasn't been so bad, and only a few more days until he's supposed to be finished leaping! I can't wait to see what new skills will be emerging as he finishes the leap!

He likes grabbing faces, pulling hair, playing with toys that make noise and facing out in the carrier with Daddy! He can scoot around a bit during tummy time, and is very wiggly. He'll sometimes try to squirm off of a lap when he's being held. He finally discovered his toes! He's also getting even more vocal, and makes louder squeals than ever before! He usually wakes up in the morning talking, which is so cute, but sometimes he's woken up very excited, and we've been startled awake by his happy shrieks!

His rattle has been one of his favorite toys this month, he will examine it closely, wave it around, shake it, and of course, try to put it in his mouth! He's been trying to roll from his back onto his front, and can do it with only a little help from me! He also loves his Lambie and a vintage stuffed dog/teether that my folks brought from their collection of our old baby toys!

This month Timothy got to meet his great-aunt Deborah, and great-uncle Mark, on Daddy's side of the family, which was very exciting for all of us, I had never met them before either! We had a very fun weekend with lots of laughter and stories of memories. 

He also got to meet his great-aunt Melody, great-aunt Kathy and cousin Barbara (twice removed) on my mom's side when they came down for a Seagrove trip with my mom. Aunt Mel gave him this beautiful cross stitch that she had actually started working on for me, when I was a baby! 

And to finish out the month (actually a couple days after he officially turned 4 months, but I'm including it now anyway) we took him on his first overnight trip! We spent two nights in Williamsburg, and he did so well! We switched him to a convertible car seat because he had began to seem uncomfortable in his infant seat, and I'm so glad we did. We timed our departure to coincide with his usual 2-hour morning nap, and after an initial scare when he woke up after only 30 minutes, he went back to sleep and did end up sleeping for 2 hours of the trip. The rest of the drive he happily played with his toys.

Our other concern was how well he would sleep in his co-sleeper, since he's been in his comfy crib for most of this month. Our trials didn't go well, so we ended up purchasing a new, softer mattress to go in the co-sleeper, and with that adjustment he seemed to sleep just as well as at home! He had fun hanging out in the condo that we shared with his Uncle Dave, Aunt Lizzie and cousin Edison.

He also pretty much behaved while we walked around Williamsburg, sleeping in the carrier with Daddy most of the time. But we went in the Capitol building, and while the tour guide/reenactor was talking, he woke up and decided he wanted to talk too! Matt tried to entertain him by letting him chew on his knuckle, but he just continued talking around it! It was very amusing, and a little embarrassing. Overall it was a wonderful trip, and I'm putting it down as an amazingly successful experiment of traveling with Timothy!