Sunday, April 18, 2010

Receiving an Award...

Thank you, dear Abigail! So I must now list 5 random things about me, and award 5 other bloggers.

  1. I have what might be considered an unhealthy obsession with the color green, Ireland and Celtic jewelry and designs.
  2. I love reading, but haven't yet brought myself to finish the LOTR books. I read The Hobbit, The Fellowship and half of The Two Towers, but no farther.
  3. I discovered when I was young that I could bend my pinkie fingers flat against the back of my hand. Most people that saw this demonstrated thought it looked disgusting, so I don't show it much anymore, but I can still do it.
  4. I love to organize things, but I get overwhelmed easily, so I have to do bigger tasks in manageable segments. In the case of my bedroom, I have a chart inside my head of sections, and I always start with the pile of clothes that collects on my hope chest. I think it would be impossible to begin cleaning my room anywhere else.
  5. I absolutely love writing old-fashioned letters on pretty stationary, but only have one true correspondent (a dear life-long friend who enjoys letter-writing like I do). I would love to someday have a collection of hand-written love letters, but I don't have any expectations in this age of technology. ;)

    And now to award 5 other bloggers... three of my five have already been awarded, but I'm just going to double their award... 'cause they deserve it. ;)

    Anna for being such a sweet example of cheerfulness and industry.
    Natalie because reading your blog always brightens my day, and I wish I could meet you in person!
    Abigail for your enjoyable mix of hilarious recounts and uplifting deep thoughts.
    Emily because you are a fellow book lover, pianist and red-head.
    Meredith for being such an encouraging and inspirational example of serving at home.


    1. Never finished LOTR! Ack! Shocking! And you live in the same house with Sarah...??? :P

    2. I know! It's terrible. But Sarah has gotten over it. I think. =P

    3. Oh dear, I'm so busy I've been behind on reading blogs and I've missed two awards! *gasp* That'll teach me to not take time to read...

      Thank you! :)

      Maybe we shall meet at the convention, that would be lovely. :)

    4. Oh, I hope so, that would be fun! =)