Thursday, May 13, 2010

Food is my weakness...

I just love food. I love cooking delicious food, I love baking yummy goodies... and I love sampling them. And if they're good, then I like to eat an ample serving... or two. Now, I wouldn't classify myself as ever having been truly "fat" yet, but if I keep this up, I will definitely be one of those rotund grandmas that makes decadent goodies for the grandchildren every visit... and you never know how many other times those grandmas are making those same decadent goodies and not sharing them with grandchildren.
So, my new health guidelines for myself (inspired by the Maker's Diet book) are these two, simple rules. 

1. Eat when you are hungry, and stop before you're full.
2. Think of food as fuel for your body, and give your body "high performance" fuel; organic, natural, healthy food is much better for you than processed, pesticide-infected, artificial-everything food. 

 Those may sound obvious to someone who doesn't have problems with food, but I think I had what could almost be called a food addiction. I ate when I was hungry, but I also ate whenever I was "bored," whenever there was something yummy to taste, whenever it was time to eat, and whenever I was reading. I thought of food more as something to be enjoyed like music or books than something that was necessary for life.

Under those two guidelines, I've been doing much better and lost a few pounds. I'm not dieting exactly, since I'm just trying to eat healthy (I'm not counting calories or anything), and I'm not doing anything else different besides walking more frequently since our weather went from cold to hot (ugh, where was spring??). I feel much healthier and I actually enjoy food more now that I'm not eating too much, too often.

It's important to remember that almost anything good can be abused. God made us to enjoy many things, but that enjoyment can be taken too far. And that doesn't mean that I won't bake and sample goodies... just not TOO much. ;)

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  1. Here's a comment! :) I know exactly what you mean... I enjoy food way too much... :P