Thursday, December 2, 2010

Practice Cooking

 I love food (a little too much sometimes, as mentioned in a previous post) and I love cooking... what I don't always enjoy is having to eat what I've cooked. I really enjoy the process of picking out a recipe, all the little tasks that somehow make the whole thing come together, trying to figure out ways to improve the recipe if necessary, and even the math required to double or triple recipes for a family of 6 with 2 male teenage athletes that always eat at least two servings... but it seems that almost everything I try to make has some kind of flaw: something I forgot to add, or I cooked it too long or not long enough or SOMETHING. 

Since I hope to one day be a homemaker, who would naturally be responsible for making meals every single day, I know I need to practice. I have decided to start a notebook of all the recipes I try, with suggestions for alterations and improvements and ratings from my family. Eventually, I'll hopefully have a collection of tried and true recipes to use and know that it will turn out well... as long as I don't forget the salt!

Here is the rating system as defined by my almost-16-year-old brother, Joel:
1 star: I didn't like it, and I didn't have fun making fun of you making it.
2 stars: I didn't like it, but I had fun making fun of you making it.
3 stars: I liked it, but I don't ever want you to make it again.
4 stars: I liked it, and you can make it again sometime.
5 stars: I liked it, and I want you to make it again tomorrow.

My version of the rating system will probably go a little more like this:
1 star: Didn't like it and couldn't finish eating it.
2 stars: Didn't like it, but finished my helping.
3 stars: Liked it okay (and ate a second helping, in my brothers' cases!) but don't want to eat it again.
4 stars: Liked it, and want to have it again sometime in the future.
5 stars: Liked it, and want to have it again tomorrow.

Also, you have to take into consideration the possibility of a rise in ratings if the suggestions for improvement are applied to the second attempt.

Any cooking tips, family favorite recipes or other ideas for improvement would be welcomed!