Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning Fever

  I decided to try and follow along with Old House Kitchen's Spring cleaning list (found from a link on another blog I read). Then, I immediately failed by deciding to clean out the pantry, even though bedrooms are clearly the first rooms on the list. The pantry was just begging to be cleaned, since we hadn't been grocery shopping in over a week and were running out of most everything... except all the questionable items in the back that keep getting pushed further and further into the pantry (how deep does a pantry need to be anyway?) Since I could actually see parts of the wall in the back and was therefore certain that it hadn't turned into a cavern, I decided to clean it out and organize it. 

Thursday I pulled all the remaining items and the shelves out of the pantry, vacuuming cobwebs, those annoying little moths that like our wheat and way too many spiders as I went. It took much longer than I anticipated. Mom and I went grocery shopping in the middle of the process, so by the end of the day, all of the food was in boxes around our kitchen table. 

Friday morning and early afternoon, I taught lessons, and then I had to take Sarah to her art lesson, so I didn't have any time to work on it Friday, but I had decided it definitely needed a paint job before I put it back together. 

Saturday morning, I scrubbed the pantry from top to bottom, and washed all the shelves to prepare for painting. We found some usable paint and primer, so I got started with hand-painting the corners and shelf supports. We already had other plans for the afternoon, though, so I didn't get much done Saturday either.
That is why I'm spending my rainy Sunday afternoon painting. I roller-brushed the walls of the pantry, and primed the shelves (laid out on cardboard in the living room... hehe!). The shelves really needed work. As I'm writing, I'm waiting for all that paint to dry. I need to flip the shelves and paint the other sides, and I might need another coat of paint inside the pantry, I haven't decided yet. 

Once all the painting is done, I'm going to wash the paint out of my hair. How did paint get in my hair? I have no idea. I thought I was being careful. I hope it comes out...!
And then tomorrow, I'll put all the food away and label the shelves so hopefully it will stay organized.

Yes, that's my "little afternoon job," ending up taking all my spare time for 4-5 days. Whew...