Monday, August 15, 2011

Peachy Lives

They're beautiful tones of warm creamy gold deepening in places to a rich mauve. The skin, velvety soft, yields slightly under gentle pressure. These peaches are perfect for eating plain sliced... but I have more malicious plans. First, I'll boil them for a few seconds to loosen their delicate skin, and then it will peel off easily, leaving them bare and slick. After they're peeled, I'll slice them, peach juice running through my fingers, and each slice of peach desperately trying to escape. Then the slices will marinade for a couple hours in some sugar and lemon juice.... and after that, blended into a pulp, and added to ice cream. 

Yes, I have the juice of innocent peaches on my hands... but oh, do I love fresh, homemade peach ice cream!

And I'll give one of them the dignity of being eaten plain, too.

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