Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chalk Paint Adventures

I've been wanting a new nightstand for Sarah's and my room. We'd been using one of those wobbly round table with the three screw-in legs that were popular a long time ago ever since just after they became unpopular. We picked ours up at a yard sale for $5 and it's been wearing an ill-fitting yellow skirt for a while. It's definitely time for a change.

We have a lot of wood furniture in our room, but I decided wanted something vintage and distressed, in a light cream color. After scouring Goodwills and gasping at the shocking prices on some fabulous pieces at HomeGoods, I finally decided that I should DIY, or rather, do it myself.

At first I was looking into tutorials on vintage styles with latex paint, but then I found Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ at a vintage shop just around the corner from my house. Everything I read about it online made me more eager to try it! Extremely low VOC's, no prepping necessary (no sanding, no priming), quick dry time, and created to achieve the exact look I want! Then I found this post over at Perfectly Imperfect and I was sold.

I stopped by the stockist to buy my paint, and they were out of cream, so I bought some Old White and Arles to mix into my own cream. I also bought some Duck Egg Blue to paint a little shelf for the kitchen. Mom suggested it as a good practice project for me, and it was! Here's the before and after:

I jumped right in and just slapped it on; I didn't plan, scheme, test or over-think it, and I think it was a great first project! I painted it outside because I wasn't sure how it would smell, although I knew it should be fine, since it's low VOC paint. It was kinda cool outside, but it worked fine. The paint has almost no odor that I can detect, but the wax is kind of smelly, so I'm glad I stayed outside. The wax was also solidified, I don't know if it's supposed to be or not, but I didn't notice any problems with it, either. I put on one fairly thin coat of Duck Egg Blue, then waxed with the clear, and added a little dark wax on top. You can tell from the picture that I wasn't very consistent in painting style, but I didn't try to correct anything. This shelf will be stacked with recipe books most of the time anyway. This quick project took me 3 hours one afternoon!

I've already mixed up my own cream (one part Arles, 3 parts Old White) and tried it on a cheap old bookcase from Goodwill. Due to photographer error (I thought my camera was set to AV but it was actually on Manual) there are no before photos (well, there are, but they are blinding pure whiteness due to excessive overexposure) but some after photos may be coming soon, along with some photos of my next Chalk Paint project - painting the nightstand! Many other projects are also being schemed. I'm definitely addicted!

A new Chalk Paint fan,


  1. Hello my friend, how have you been?
    Brown or woods color is my favorite color so I love both thye before and after :)and good idea about mixing. and oh you have snow there? I wish I could have one here...it will loook a perfect christmas :)


    1. I've been well, you're so sweet to check up on me! I just have been mulling and pondering over too many things to get around to posting recently. =)
      No, we don't have snow yet, I always wish for snow on Christmas, but we're a little too close to the equator to get lots of snow. Last winter we didn't get any snow at all here. =( The year before that we had a beautiful snow the day AFTER Christmas, hehe!
      Do you ever get snow where you live?