Saturday, February 2, 2013

Period Drama Challenge

Old-Fashioned Charm

 I first discovered this challenge when I was visiting some blogs celebrating 200 years of Pride and Prejudice, and I saw the Period Drama Challenge button on the sidebar at Elegance of Fashion and followed the link over to the hostess at Old-Fashioned Charm. I think I've convinced my sister Sarah to participate also, on her blog How To Watch A Movie. We're jumping in a little late, but I'm pretty sure we're fanatic enough to fit in 12 to 15 period dramas before July 7. I'm looking forward to the motivation to post reviews for more movies, since I don't usually do reviews, and also the incentive to watch some period dramas that we haven't seen yet, but have been meaning to view sometime!

Review number one shall be posted sometime this week, I hope! It's not too late, if you want to join in, hop on over to Old-Fashioned Charm and get the full scoop! 

Reviews so far:
3. Downton Abbey (3 seasons)


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