Monday, June 3, 2013

Feeling 22

We had a break from almost all of our usual activities, so we scheduled a few days to spend at the beach, encompassing my sister's and my birthdays (we're 1 year and 361 days apart). I was so excited to spend our birthdays at the beach, because we used to go visit Nana at the beach sometime near our birthdays every year when I was younger, until Nana sold her cottage. It was wonderful!
Yummy coconut cake!
Since we had things to do on Monday and Tuesday, our birthday celebrations began on Sunday, when Joel made Sarah and me a scrumptious coconut cake, and we opened our birthday gifts from Mom and Dad: a cozy throw blanket, a beautiful scarf and a book each.

 After two days of tasks and packing, we left fairly early on Wednesday, which was Sarah's 20th birthday. We got settled into our rental and went to eat at our favorite beach restaurant, and had key lime pie for dessert. David bought Sarah and me each a pair of earrings from the pier shop. As we walked back from the pier, we found out that the gray seal that had been appearing on the beach was right in front of our house! This is a rare sighting this far south.


Thursday was a nice, relaxing day. The seal was relocated to a more suitable beach farther north in our state, so I was glad we got to see him before they took him away! We spent a few hours visiting the local aquarium in the middle of the day, since we are all too fair for much sun and don't use sunscreen. Then we went out to dinner again. We try not to eat out a lot usually, so when we go on vacation we splurge. 

On Friday I rediscovered boogie boarding. I tried it a lot as a child, but never got the hang of it, and I gave up even trying for the past few years. But Sarah and David enjoy it so much, I decided to try it again, and it finally clicked! I had so much fun riding the waves with them. After dinner we walked to the pier and played pool, air hockey and fooseball.

Saturday I went boogie boarding again with Sarah and David. I wanted to stay out longer, but we were getting too much sun, so we came in. We played with the stray beach cat that was hanging around our rental house. The landlord had left cat food for us to give her if we wanted, and our neighbor was also feeding her. He called her "Kitty" but we decided to call her "Savvy" because she wasn't fooled by David's laser flashlight like our cats. We went to the pier to play more pool, and on the walk back in the almost total darkness we saw some Noctulica, commonly known as Sea Sparkle. It was very neat, but unfortunately very difficult to photograph.

We stayed in the left side of this great duplex.
 Yesterday we had to leave the beach, but our landlord very graciously allowed us to check out of the house whenever we wanted, so we didn't have to rush. Sarah, David and I got up and went out boogie boarding one more time. We ate breakfast leisurely, packed up most everything, fixed a quick lunch and left around 2pm. It was a dreamy trip, beautiful weather the entire time, and exactly what I needed to clear my mind from a busy, somewhat stressful spring.

The view from our cottage. That's a drain, but shh, it's very picturesque!
I've heard of birthday "weeks" before, but we've never been a family that celebrates birthdays in an extravagant manner, so I thought it was funny when I realized that's kind of what we did this year. It was so much fun, it made turning 22 almost painless! I had a wonderful week, and a delightful birthday. Now I'm ready for summer!

This is one of my favorites, David searching for sharks' teeth.



Mom on a sandbar.


P. S. I'm still trying to decide if I actually like Taylor Swift's "22" or if it's just because I am now 22, and I like the beat. Most of the lyrics don't really resonate with me. But I've been enjoying Alex Goot's cover with some of his friends here:



  1. When the first time I read this know what? Taylor Swift first came to my mind haha and at the end you mention it. Yes I a agree with you that most I like is her music and not much for the lyric. :)
    It's good to hear you have glorious week, with your family and the present and the cake taste so yummy.
    Anyway I love all pictures in the beach. So beautiful.

    Happy sweet 22 :)


    1. It's too bad Taylor Swift doesn't write better lyrics, because I think I could really like her songs if she did!
      It was a wonderfully lovely time.

  2. Happy 22.

    My brother will get to spend his birthday at the beach this year. Our vacation wasn't planned for this purpose, but it is the first time that any of the six of us has had a vacation birthday (I had a birthday travelling to a conference...not my idea of a celebration).

    I took offense at Taylor Swift's 22 BECAUSE I am 22 (I don't feel it; even though my birthday is two months away between myself and my family I always feel I am the next age way too soon. My dad actually told people a month ago that I was 23! I was not happy, don't make me old before my time!)...I think I would've been blah about it otherwise. It was just so silly and teenagerish. The video probably enhanced that impression.

    1. Thanks!

      Well, it's definitely immature, but I guess I'm used to feeling more mature than most others my age, so it didn't bother me. You know there are always going to be people who are immature for their age. Unfortunately, some of them get to write songs about it. ;) I definitely feel like birthdays come too soon! My siblings and I are each almost exactly two years apart, and my birthday is the last, so I get bumped up to the next age about a month ahead of time, usually.