Friday, June 21, 2013

"Little Letters": June 2013

Dear Strawberries,
Thank you ever so much for having such a long, delicious season this year! We are incredibly happy to still be eating fresh, ripe strawberries!

Dear Potato Beetles,
Why do you eat tomato plants? I think you've got your funny little heads messed up. I will happily drown any of you who dare to eat our tomato plants, and I will not tolerate the laying of your gross little orange eggs. Surrender!

Dear Bluebird Mommy and Daddy,
I love watching you two diligently feeding your babies! Please don't be suspicious of me, I promise I mean you no harm. The cat on the other hand... watch out for her. But don't worry about that clicking camera sound, I'm just snapping some pretty shots of you!

Dear Udolpho,
I was so enjoying you, that I forgot to notice that I was 200 pages in before the first mention of the word "Udolpho." I am enchanted, amused and delighted so far!
 “‘While I have Udolpho to read, I feel as if nobody could make me miserable.’” - Catherine, Northanger Abbey

Dear Broken Camera Lens,
I'm sorry I wore you out, and it was quite unfortunate that you had to start buzzing and spazzing out during my sister's dance recital while I was trying to take pictures. But you may now enjoy retirement while I enjoy your more capable replacement.

Dear Godspell,
I'm sorry I prejudged you as a show I wouldn't want to do. I greatly enjoyed both of the performances I got to see last weekend, and I think I would have like to have been a part of it. A little silly you might be, but still great fun!

Dear Wedding Reception Guests,
I wouldn't really say I'm a last-minute person, so I am a little stressed to be preparing to play music for you tomorrow. Just know that I found out I would be playing about 2 days in advance, and have mercy if/when I make mistakes. I will do my best!

Dear Sourdough Starter,
I don't think I successfully followed any of the steps to activate you properly, yet you still bubbled delightfully for me yesterday. I'm very excited to try making sourdough bread sometime soon!

Dear God, 
Thank You for this beautiful morning! It's so refreshing and cool for a June morning. I'm drinking in every moment. 
"Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love,
    that we may rejoice and be glad all our days."
-Psalm 90:14


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