Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday

It's been a lovely day. We don't usually eat breakfast until after we get home from church, so we're usually pretty hungry by then. When we came home today, we had fruit, sausage and these almond flour pancakes.
HCG Diet (P3) Almond Flour Pancakes
Almond flour pancakes!
They were delicious (I can say that since I only followed a recipe to a "T" right?) and have an 100% approval from the males in my family (which is a MAJOR success for healthy food, here!) and Sarah said she liked them better than "normal" pancakes. I foresee many more stacks of these lovely pancakes in our future... and probably double batches, since the only complaints I was hearing was that there weren't enough of them. 

We're avoiding gluten and starchy carbs temporarily for a sort of cleanse. Many people can be sensitive to gluten and not even realize it. Almond flour is a great gluten-free substitute because it is low carb, high in good fats and has more protein content than whole wheat flour. 

I also tried an almond flour bread recipe, but it didn't turn out as lovely as the pancakes, so I won't share the recipe, but it did taste pretty good. In spite of that, the menfolk rating was quite low. I'll continue searching.

We also had fresh veggie juice from our new Champion juicer. Our old one (from about 20 years ago) broke at the beginning of the summer when I was just ready to start juicing again, and the new one finally came! Sarah and I also whipped up some egg salad and chicken salad, and we ate them with the almond flour bread and our veggie juice for dinner. For dessert, we're going to have brownies (I hope to share the recipe soon) and triple chocolate ice cream. And then we will not be able to sleep.

I discovered a useful bit of knowledge about myself while doing all this kitchen work today: I am much more motivated to clean up as I go, and try to keep the kitchen in good shape if I start with a clean kitchen. Sarah and I had to do a little shopping after our breakfast/lunch today, and when I got home, the kitchen was nearly spotless, so I tried to keep it that way. Of course, I should always do that anyway, but if I come in the kitchen and the boys have spilled orange juice on the counter, and someone left the popcorn maker out, and there's leftovers from all that snacking laying around and a sink full of dishes to be washed, I tend to just ignore it all, and add my mess to the collection. (I know, it's bad...) In general, I love cleanliness, but I'm more motivated by "keeping" something clean, than having to take it to that clean state and then maintain. I'm also easily overwhelmed by messes that actually don't take too long to clean up if I'd just dig in and do it. Now that I realize this about myself, I can take measures to counter it, for example, by requiring myself to take 10 minutes to tidy up the kitchen before I start making anything.

Earlier this week, I bought some flowers for my bathroom (at the wonderful suggestion from Delvalina!) and I will leave you with a couple pictures.

 I can't believe we'll get into August this week! This year is flying by. Have a good week everyone!


  1. The bathroom is lovely! Love the flowers -- aren't daisies the friendliest flowers?

  2. This is so beautiful and adorable Lizzie.

    Thank you for appreciated me. the bathroom looks so lovely with the mirror and flowers.

    your friend,

    1. Thanks for you wonderful idea, Delvalina!