Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Bathroom, Patience and Failure: Part 2

(Click here to read Part 1.)

While I was waiting (impatiently) for the new cabinet to arrive, the light fixture over the sink was murdering light bulbs, so we declared it in need of replacement, and our toilet paper hanger and hand towel ring were in sad shape, so we bought replacements for those, too. Our lovely oval mirror was ready to be mounted, and our freshly painted walls were a light, refreshing "Iceberg." All we needed was the new cabinet!

I saw the finished cabinet in a picture emailed to us by the craftsman, and I wasn't exactly thrilled with the way it turned out, to put it mildly. We had to choose the wood color from a website which only gave a tiny little sample picture and showed almost no detail. I should have done more research about wood, and what I wanted when we were choosing, but I was being impatient and just picked the first wood that looked decent. I didn't have a very specific idea in mind, I just wanted a functional cabinet in a simple, light wood, and I thought maple would fit that description. I was mistaken.

The final product had one drawer that looked exactly like I hoped: simple light wood. The other 3 drawers were varying light and dark, and one had a very dark, abstract streak across it that looked like someone had taken stain and just randomly swiped the wood, testing out colors. I confess, I shed some very upset tears over the way it turned out. My haste had caused me to lose the opportunity to choose the most ideal option because I was impatient. If I had done a little more research, I could have easily discovered that natural maple wood has some very drastic color variations. It was not what I'd hoped for and imagined.

Delivery day - May 28 - finally arrived. I had learned to live with my disappointment, and I was ready to have a cabinet back in my bathroom so that we could go back to normal. I don't think I had finished the lesson on patience yet, because unfortunately, delivery day passed with no sign of the cabinet, and finally we found out that he had been delayed. He offered to come the next day, but we were leaving for our beach trip, so we had to postpone the delivery to the Monday after we returned. When the cabinet was finally delivered on June 3rd, there were yet more issues.

First of all, we apparently had to specifically request knobs be installed. If I hadn't been so distressed by the way the maple looked, I might have noticed that the finished cabinet had no drawer handles! I had to make a trip to Home Depot to purchase knobs, and Daddy drilled the holes to install them. This really shouldn't have been a big deal, but on top of my disappointment about the wood style, I found it extremely frustrating. Who wants to order a cabinet and have it delivered ready to use, but install your own knobs?

I also rearranged the drawers so that the drastic colors were more balanced.
Secondly, the cabinet maker recommended sawing off the plumbing to the sink so that he could cut smaller holes in the back of the cabinet, instead of one big hole. This required us to get a plumber to come out and fix the plumbing before we could reinstall the counter top, which took another week. When this bathroom project first became a project, rather than a cleaning spree, I had hoped to complete the entire thing in one week, but things kept popping up, and now it seemed standard for each step to take one week to complete.

Thirdly, once the plumber finally came to fix the plumbing and reinstall the counter top for us, we discovered that the cabinet had not been made properly! We wanted it to fit our old counter top, and he had measured for that, but then went and made the cabinet to the standard size, which was about 3 inches deeper than our counter top. I didn't have much energy left to be frustrated or surprised.

Through the whole process, Daddy has been reminding me that I need to be patient. Every delay irked me, I stressed about the bathroom every time I thought about it, and I desperately just wanted to finish it and get back to normal, so I wasn't taking the time and care that was needed to do it properly. I could have learned the lesson by heeding my dad's wise advice, but I learned the hard way instead, and I have a bathroom cabinet to remind me of my lesson in patience every day. (Don't worry, I'm already learning to like it.)

Part 3, failure and finale coming soon!


  1. Oh sorry about that my friend :/
    but I am glad you take it as a lesson of being patience hehe thats good each time you get in your bathroom and you should remember about patience stuff.

    I was wondering how it will look like :)

    Hope you're well.


    1. Yes, it's a great reminder!

      There's completed pictures in Part 3. =)

      Thanks, I am, and hope you are too!!

  2. Awwww, how sad that you're disappointed with the cabinet :-( I'm considering painting one wall in my kitchen bright red, and I have the paint, but I haven't gotten up the guts to actually paint it yet. Worried I'll be disappointed too!

    Hope it all works out in the end.

    1. Well, I'm quite satisfied with it now. I think if I had gotten what I had in mind it would have looked too stiff and formal, and wouldn't have had any character! ;) I say go for the red wall!! Worst case scenario, you hate it and paint over it, right? =D

      Thanks, I think it worked out exactly like it should have!

    2. Glad you like it! My s-i-l was over this weekend -- she's an artist, so I asked her opinion on my paint choice, and she thought it would be great. She even brought up putting a border around the top of the room, which I also had been considering, so having he independently suggest it made me go, "Yeah, I'll do that too."

      Now to carve out the time to paint!

      I'm glad you're happy with your bathroom, even though it's not what you originally wanted. Sometimes it's better not to get what we want, cuz that means we get something better!

    3. Yay, that sounds great, I'd love to see before and after pictures! I am a big fan of before and after pictures, but I seem to always forget to take the "before" pictures for my own projects. =P

      Exactly! It worked out perfectly! =)