Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Bathroom, Patience and Failure: Part 3

(Click to read Part 1 and Part 2.)

It all would have gone better if we had intended to redo the bathroom, I suppose: planning ahead of time, and then going into it with the intent of redoing the room. I was just thinking, "let's clean the bathroom!" It's a family joke now: "Oh, 'let's clean the living room' next!" I'm now at the point where I can laugh. (I really wish I had some "before" pictures to show!!)

So after briefly considering some options to fix the old counter top, like putting a little shelf  behind the back splash to bridge the 3-inch gap to the wall, we decided to just go ahead and purchase an inexpensive new counter top, realizing that we probably preferred to have more space than to keep the old counter top anyway (which wasn't very nice to begin with). We replaced nearly everything else in the bathroom, so why not? It was a busy week, leaving us no chance to go shopping for counter tops until Saturday, June 15th. Home Depot had a simple, white counter top in a box, ready to be installed, and we purchased it immediately.

New counter and faucet (and drain, and sink that doesn't leak!)
That weekend was too busy to actually install the counter top, and I don't exactly remember when it did get installed, because by that point I guess I had finally learned some patience. Then Daddy mounted the mirror for us. We finally got around to painting the trim June 25th. Daddy fixed the leaky sink, so I finished storing all our stuff back under the sink yesterday. It's finally all done! (Well, except for the left side-splash and that one towel bar I haven't hung yet...)

Our lovely oval mirror mounted, and the new hand-towel ring.
 We've finally reached the end of this project, and I feel like I've learned a lot about failing as well; I felt like a miserable failure throughout this experience (particularly in choosing cabinet wood) and almost every little thing I tried to do myself seemed doomed. I have to remember that my aversion to failure is really just my pride. I'm a (recovering) perfectionist, and the abstract and drastic color variations in the cabinet seem like flaws. Flaws are not perfection - lack of perfection is failure. (I see how crazy these thoughts are when I type them out!)

Also, my expectations were unrealistic regarding the amount of time it would take to complete this project. It seemed pathetic to me that it took 12 weeks for this bathroom makeover and I have a tendency to think of things that aren't done to my expectations as failures, which is obviously wrong. We DO have a completed bathroom, now, after all! Just because it took longer than I hoped doesn't make me, or anyone else involved, a failure.

VoilĂ !
Besides changing my perspective on failure, God has also shown me that it's okay even if I do fail. I have failed in so many ways in my life, and will continue to, I know. The most glaring failure being that I could never be righteous enough to fulfill God's requirements for holiness (Romans 3:23) but through Christ I have been redeemed. His grace covers everything from my fallen, sin-stained soul to those stupid mistakes I make almost every day.

I've also learned not to jump head-first into things without figuring out all the ramifications first. I guess it was actually my impatience to get rid of that mildew smell that caused this to grow into such a huge, befuddling project. Some of the patience I've learned, plus a little bit of thought and planning and a reduction of my perfectionist tendencies will help any future projects like this go more smoothly, I hope.

I'm happy with the way it looks now; our bathroom is bright, fresh and pretty. And I've already learned to love my maple cabinet. I thought I wanted something a little more polished and "chic" but it turns out that this rustic little cabinet is the perfect complement to the rest of the bathroom scheme. The full effect is pretty, simple and relaxed. It's delightful. 

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." -Romans 8:28



  1. It looks nice Lizzie :)

    Maybe it need little touch like fresh flower in this bathroom :) it make more live...

    anyway, I love the title of this post ;)

    Happy Sunday and blessing to you and family.


    1. Thanks, Delvalina! Flowers are a great idea, I'll have to do that if I get a chance! I don't have many flowers in my yard right now.