Friday, August 9, 2013

"Library" Organization: Before

My mother loves books, and I inherited that love. When we moved to our current home 12 years ago, we were delighted at the many spaces we had for more bookcases and yet more books! At the time, I had only two short bookcases for "my" books. Since the bedroom that Sarah and I share has a sloped ceiling on the long walls, and windows on the taller wall at one end, and the room door and closet door on the other taller wall, we only had space for one of my bookcases (even though it's a pretty big room). But we did have a long, fairly wide hall leading to our room, which is where I put my other bookcase. Then I realized that I could line the entire hall with bookcases! And so what I call the "Library" began. I know many people would think filling a hallway with bookcases is a little crowded, and maybe quite crazy, but I know any other book-lovers will understand. This is a fairly wide hallway, and any slight sensation of crowding is well worth all the books! (The pictures make it look more crowded than it really is, I think.)

The view from our bedroom door.
The view from the bathroom, toward our room.
 So after my one little bookcase (at the end) sat out here alone for a little while, we bought one more, the light, short one. After that, Daddy decided that buying bookcases was too expensive, so he made up a plan and built the nice tall, long bookcase in the middle. I absolutely love it! But we did have space for one more bookcase, so we eventually added the other store-bought tall one too. I don't like it nearly as much, it's never been very good for books. As you can sort of see from the first picture, it doesn't have any side-support, the structure beams face out. 

Anyway, as you may have guessed from the title, and as is clearly obvious from the picture, there is an insane amount of almost completely unorganized books on those bookcases (although *I* know where almost everything is) and I've been meaning for some time to clear out a few books and reorganize.

I'd been putting it off, because organizing these bookcases is usually an annoying process. I'm always tempted to pull all the books off, they get stacked in the hall, and we then can't get to our room very easily. But recently, every time I stepped out of our lovely new bathroom, and those messy bookcases were the first thing to meet my eye, I became more and more convinced it was necessary. Then I decided to do it one shelf at the time, and force myself to clear all the books out of the hallway after each session.

I know, no brain-er, right?

Anyway, it's been going very well, but that one pesky bookcase I mentioned previously really isn't designed for books, it's more of a craft bookcase, for plastic bins or something. I'd been looking for a new bookcase to replace it, but I couldn't find anything for a reasonable price that I liked nearly as well as the wonderful bookcase Daddy built for me. I asked him if he'd build me another one, and he said he would! I took some pictures of the process, and I plan to explain how we did it in my next post.


  1. It sounds interesting and cant wait to see it in the next post.

    I bet your mom has good collection :)
    Hope you are doing well my friend.


    1. Thanks, it will be coming sometime soon, I hope!

      My mom certainly does have a good collection! =D
      I am doing well, and I hope you are, too!

  2. Ooo! What fun. No matter how daunting, you know something, I kinda like organizing things like this. In fact, my books need to be shelved considering there are far too many on the floor. ;)

    Best of luck with this project, Lizzie!

    1. Hehehe, I do too! I enjoy the organizing process, and I really like how nice it has to have things nicely organized. My only problem is being too specific: I'm currently stalled in the process because I can't decide how to group the books, and which ones should go where... ;)

      Thank you, Rissi!

    2. You mean I am not alone in being "weird" about how to organize!? LOL. ;)

      I tend to go it by author and then after that, lining up the books by size. There isn't a right or wrong way, it's just how each person likes and whatever is easiest. :)

    3. Oh, definitely not!! Hehehe!!

      Ah, that's how I do it too! Except, before I get to authors, I'm trying to sort of categorize things, like younger/teen books, non-fiction Christian books, thriller/adventure fiction, classic literature...

  3. My parents have bookcases all down their hallway. And in their basement. And the bedrooms. So far in my house, they're confined to the library, the dining room, and the living room. But I hope to find some bookshelves on Craig'sList to put in the basement because I have 12 tubs of books with no homes. So I feel your pain! And your dad rocks!

    1. Oh, wow! That's awesome! I love huge book collections! I'm sorry your 12 tubs of books don't have a home yet. Best of luck finding some bookcases to your liking! I really like the ones my dad built for me; they're very simple, casual and rustic, but they hold a lot of books and feel very spacious. Yep, my dad definitely rocks!! ;)