Friday, September 6, 2013

Elegant Blogger Award!

I'm so honored to receive the "Elegant Blogger Award" from Hamlette and Melody!

The rules:

  • When you receive the award, link back to and the blog that nominated you: Hamlette's Soliloquy and Regency Delight.
  • Display the award button in the post 
  • Answer all of the 12 questions given in this post (do not make your own questions) 
  • Nominate 8 bloggers (see below)
  • Notify them that they have been awarded.  

The questions:

1.  What made you start blogging?
Way back in 2008 (haha) my sister and I had a group of friends that were into blogging (and shunned Facebook) so we decided to get a blog so we could be part of that sphere. I loved it so much that I continued, despite most of them eventually giving up on blogging, caving to Facebook and moving on in their lives. I love to write, and this is a great outlet. Blogging helps me to get my own thoughts in order. If my posts are interesting or helpful to others, that's a nice bonus!

2.  What is your fashion style?
I guess I would label my fashion style as simple and classy. I like cute dresses, pretty tops, all kinds of sweaters with skirts or dark jeans, and I have a collection of boots for the fall. In the summer I mostly live in flip-flops or flats. Heels and I are not such great friends.

3.  What is something none of your followers know about you?
Oh, that's hard because, like Melody and Hamlette, people who know me very well follow my blog. I really can't think of anything. Okay, I like twirling my hair around my finger, and I'm a little obsessive about completing tasks, sometimes I get into a frenzy trying to finish things in the most efficient amount of time.

4.  What are some of your blogging goals?
To keep improving my writing... and... keep enjoying the process, I guess. I like connecting with all of you wonderful bloggers, too!

5.  Where is your favorite place to shop?
For clothes, probably TJ Maxx right now. They have some cute things that fit my style pretty well, and if you shop the clearance racks, it's not too awfully expensive. Goodwill used to be one of my favorites, but I've had difficulty getting some overly-strong detergent smells out of recent purchases, and it's so hard to find your size in all those racks! I get almost all my sweaters from Target, though, just have to wait for the sales!

6.  What would your ideal amount of blog followers be?
I never really thought about it. I'm delighted that I have as many as I do already, and I certainly wouldn't be against having more, but I'm not desperate. Perhaps I am at my ideal number for right now.

7.  What are your talents?
I am very good at tripping up the stairs. Haha! I suppose I am talented at the piano. A couple of my teachers have thought so, Nana and my mom both think so, and I guess I really must be if I can fool all of them with my regrettable lack of practicing! "You will never play really well, Miss Bennet, unless you practice more!"

8.  Are you a leader or a follower?
I don't know, I guess I can be both, depending on who I am with at the time.

9.  What is one of your favorite quotes?
"The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid."

10.  Do you have a favorite book or series?
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen usually has top spot. Sometimes, Sense and Sensibility steals it a little. I love Jane Austen's stories. 

11.  Out of all the synonyms for elegant, which would you describe yourself with?  (smart -- stylish -- dressy -- graceful -- dainty -- fine)
Oh dear, I don't know. I don't think I'm particularly smart in either the intellectual or chic way, I wouldn't consider myself particularly stylish (although I do enjoy my own sense of style), I'm generally not too dressy unless I'm working or going to church; definitely not graceful, as previously mentioned I regularly trip going up the stairs; dainty isn't even close; and fine, well, that's sort of like dressy, isn't it? I do like to pretend that I am dainty and graceful, though.

12.  What is your favorite flower?
Black-eyed Susan's were on a painting in the hospital where I was born, which Daddy says reminds him of my birth, so I've always thought of them as my favorite. But really, how does one choose a favorite flower? They are all so beautiful! I generally tend to lean more toward delicate, frilly, "feminine" sorts of flowers, though, when I'm buying them to arrange.

Now to tag people... while I was taking my sweet time answering these questions, my list of "people to tag" shrank a little (as they were tagged and completed their posts already), so I'm just going to cheat and only tag the six that are left.

Miss Elizabeth
Miss Elizabeth Bennet



  1. Thank you so much Lizzie :)
    I really appreciate that. Jane's collections are beautiful.
    I love your style:) simple and classy.

    Thanks for sharing a little bit about you here.

  2. Your quote about piano playing made me grin! I usually think of a part of Jane Eyre when people ask if I can play. Jane tells Rochester she can play "a little," and he says that's just the usual answer and makes her play... and then concedes that she does only play "a little." That's me. (Like Lizzie Bennet, I'd benefit from practice, lol.)

  3. Love why you started blogging, Lizzie - I don't use FB and never have, and from everything I've heard, I have made the right choice not too. :)

    CONGRATS on the award. That is AWESOME! :)

    1. Yes, FB is definitely not worth it. I'm on FB too, but it's almost a complete waste of time. ;)

  4. Yeeps, how did I miss this!? Thanks for the nomination, I'll get on that whenever I have a spare few moments. :)