Thursday, September 26, 2013

GAPS Intro Diet

I know, it's been a dreadfully long time since I posted anything! I have some post ideas, but I've been so busy with getting back into the rhythm of life since summer ended that I haven't had time to actually finish any posts. So today, I'm going to give you a rambly sort of review of my most recent health experiment: The GAPS Diet. 

I haven't posted much on the "health nut" front lately, mostly because I've been trying to get my mind around the GAPS Diet, and I still don't completely understand it, but we took the plunge and started the Introduction diet last week anyway. I have heard a lot about the GAPS diet, and always thought that it was unnecessarily strict, considering how healthy our family usually eats and our lack of serious health issues. But we do have a few stubborn conditions that need to be resolved. After kind of following the Full GAPS for most of the summer, we decided to just have a quick go through the Intro diet to see if it would give the extra kick we need.

For the first day (stage 1), we made chicken broth, and then made soup from the broth. The broth is to be drunk warm with probiotic food (fermented veggie juice or fermented dairy like yogurt, sour cream or kefir) and the soup to be eaten with more probiotic food mixed in. Besides that, we can have ginger, mint or chamomile tea, and that's it. The soup was very tasty, but I don't much like drinking chicken broth. I'm not a huge fan of chicken anyway, and drinking chicken "tea" just wasn't as appealing as my green tea with milk and coconut oil. *sigh*

We moved very quickly through the introduction stages (meant to take longer for those trying to heal serious issues like Autism or ADHD) and went to the second stage on day 2, which meant we got to mix raw egg yolks into our soup, and even make a stew and a casserole out of more meat and veggies. We did the second stage for just two days before we went on to the third stage. Technically you're supposed to wait for die-off symptoms to subside before moving on, but our die-off wasn't too bad, and we were determined to get back to "normal" by Friday because our farm order is coming in, and we want to drink our fresh milk... which I consider to be GAPS legal since it's raw. 

Third stage we added avocado to our soups and casseroles. We may have been on a diet, but we have had some delicious food this week, let me tell you! Finally scrambled eggs and almond flour pancakes were added back. Fresh-pressed vegetable juice, steaks, salads and some cooked carrots, onions and leeks were dinner last night. Today we can have raw fruit again! We did find the order of adding foods back sort of strange, but the idea of this diet is to eliminate fiber, starch and sugar, while eating copious amounts of healing broth and probiotic foods to heal the intestinal lining, and then those healthy foods can be eaten again. (To learn more about the GAPS Diet, go here.)

Tomorrow we'll move to Full GAPS, which is almost normal for how we've eaten over the summer anyway. I hope that we'll achieve recovery of the main health issues we were hoping to address, and I plan to do more posts about those soon (if I can find the time, and if anyone is even interested...hehe!)

If you're thinking that I really am crazy, well, I might agree with you. My brothers certainly do, they are tired of me coming up with new health schemes and trying to fix things. They wonder how we could possibly eat healthier than we already do, and then I find something like this to try. But really, how healthy can we be if we still have problems with things like psoriasis? There are always new health things to try! And sometimes you might land yourself drinking chicken tea and eating soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but in pursuit of health, I still think it's worth it. I feel great now that I'm past the die-off and detoxing phase (that can be pretty weird and uncomfortable feeling) and I've lost a few pounds that were sneaking back up on me. 

I'm so excited to have raspberries, blueberries and yogurt for breakfast this morning!

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  1. I would love to hear more about this because it looks like something I need to try. I like to know if raw/organic eating effectually changes things for people. I am still trying to figure out how I can do it myself with my college diet and my family eating conventionally-trips up and down from my refrigerator make life a little tedious!