Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Things I Love About The Seaside

the pinks and oranges of the sun rising over the ocean

breathing deeply of the crisp, salty sea air that blows through my hair

walking down the beach, collecting shells

watching the little sandpipers run in and out with the waves

the sun reflecting off the water and warming my face

getting the paper and working the crossword

running straight into the ocean with abandon

bobbing with the swells to keep my head above the water

lying on a beach towel in the sand sunning and reading a good book

damp sand between my toes

chasing a frisbee down the shore

finding shark's teeth

relaxing in a float on the ocean when the surf is calm

beach photo shoots with my sister

watching my brothers do hand-stands and frisbee tricks

family walks to the pier for dinner at our favorite beach restaurant

playing pool at the pier house

late-night beach walks, sea sparkle glowing with every step

the rich darkness of the night, stars lighting the sky

the orange lights of the pier reflected in the deep blue ocean

snuggling into a soft sweater against the cool evening breeze

that lovely feeling of relaxing tiredness after a day of playing on the beach

playing games late into the night

eating ice cream and watching a favorite show

a crescent moon shining on the sea in the wee hours

the soft crashing of waves outside while I sleep

I think I'd be happy to live the rest of my life at the beach....



  1. Oh Lizzie,
    You are just very me sometimes when I read your posts.
    I also the beach lovers, I love talking with God there :)

    Been thinking of you.

    1. I know what you mean, Delvalina, something about the beach makes me feel even closer to God! =)

  2. Lizzie, how you make me miss the sea. I lived on the Oregon coast for 6 years and miss it so very much. Mountains just aren't quite the same.

    1. Oh, I'm sorry! I bet the Oregon coast is beautiful! I enjoy the mountains too, but you're right, they're just not quite the same. I am definitely a beach kind of girl.