Thursday, October 10, 2013

Surprise Basket Day

Yesterday morning I got a surprise free day. All five of my piano students for the day cancelled (for various reasons) and after a brief grocery trip to Whole Foods, I had the entire day free. What does one with a free afternoon on a very cold, gray, somewhat wintery October day? How about make a basket!
My first egg basket!
 My mom has made many baskets, and I had been asking her to teach me for several years... since I was 6, in fact. She put it off then because I was much too young to handle the work (as I clearly understand now) but I have been capable of learning for many years, and we never really found a good chance - until yesterday!

In her box of basketry supplies, Mom just happened to have all the materials I needed to make this cute little basket. I began at 3:30pm in the afternoon (after making some GF zucchini bread) and finished in about 5 hours, with a few breaks. It was supposed to be flat bottomed, and it's not quite flat, as you can see from above picture. It also isn't shaped quite as prettily as it could be, as the sides are a little lumpy. I also left out a few pieces....

These two sets of ribs just didn't want to fit...
I had a great time making it though, and I'm pleased with how it turned out, considering it's my first. Mom said I can also try soaking the whole basket again, and reshape it a little now that it's completed, and I may try that. Basket making is so much fun! Next on my list is an herb basket.


  1. So cute! I made a basket once, during VBS, and it was a lot of fun, but it had a pre-formed bottom that made it much easier.

  2. Thanks! I can definitely see how a pre-formed bottom could be helpful! Trying to shape that the way I wanted may have been the hardest part. Or maybe trying to insert the ribs.... hmm.... The actual weaving was pretty easy and very fun!