Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve pajamas were opened and slept in.

Many beautifully wrapped and carefully chosen presents were unwrapped.

Cinnamon rolls (gluten-free) were devoured (without a chance for a single picture to be taken) even though they had no icing!

Much family fun and happiness was shared; it was a lovely day.

Gifts have been enjoyed all afternoon: 
David has been assembling Lego sets,
Joel has nearly mastered the Eukelele, 
Sarah and I tried on clothes and watched a movie, 
Mom has been scanning old film pictures onto the computer with her new converter,
Daddy has been working on the "Useless Box" that he received,
Nana has sat comfortably on her new seat cushion and enjoyed the eukelele music.

It's been a wonderful Christmas! (In spite of the devastating lack of snow - again!) 

My nativity
 I am so thankful for my Savior, who became Flesh and dwelt among us. He lived a perfect life, and became sin, that we might become His righteousness. Someday, He will come back for us, and we'll live with Him in heaven forever! That's what we celebrate! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Music Rant

This could be a rant about how much I hate the popular song "Last Christmas"... but it isn't (I'll spare you). I bought myself a book of my favorite Christmas tunes, and I found myself making mistakes with "O Little Town of Bethlehem." At first I thought it was just my sight-reading skills deteriorating. Then I realized my problem.

Any other music geeks see the issue? The G-sharp automatically ends at the measure bar, but for some reason, they put a natural in the next measure.

Since that natural happens to be in the same third with a B-flat, it kept tricking me into cancelling the B wrongly. Why do they have rules about accidentals ending with bar lines if they're just going to give little "reminder" naturals? It's so confusing!

So I got out some white-out, and fixed it. Mostly because I was starting to ignore all the naturals, and there was an actual natural cancelling a B-flat near the end of the piece. It just got too annoying and confusing.

See? G-sharps, then unnecessary G-naturals, and then a REAL B-natural. Mind-boggling.

Fixed. Enjoyment of my new Christmas music is saved. Happy December everyone!