Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Music Rant

This could be a rant about how much I hate the popular song "Last Christmas"... but it isn't (I'll spare you). I bought myself a book of my favorite Christmas tunes, and I found myself making mistakes with "O Little Town of Bethlehem." At first I thought it was just my sight-reading skills deteriorating. Then I realized my problem.

Any other music geeks see the issue? The G-sharp automatically ends at the measure bar, but for some reason, they put a natural in the next measure.

Since that natural happens to be in the same third with a B-flat, it kept tricking me into cancelling the B wrongly. Why do they have rules about accidentals ending with bar lines if they're just going to give little "reminder" naturals? It's so confusing!

So I got out some white-out, and fixed it. Mostly because I was starting to ignore all the naturals, and there was an actual natural cancelling a B-flat near the end of the piece. It just got too annoying and confusing.

See? G-sharps, then unnecessary G-naturals, and then a REAL B-natural. Mind-boggling.

Fixed. Enjoyment of my new Christmas music is saved. Happy December everyone!


  1. Oh Lizzie,

    You must be talented girl especially in piano. I wish I could listen to the music you made :)
    Anyway, I play piano but I don't kow o read the key, I use my instinct to play :)
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Maybe I will try recording myself sometime... =)
      Oh, I wish I could play by instinct! I have a terrible ear for music, it's hard for me to play by my ear. But I am glad I learned to read music.

  2. Hahahaha! I would have been screwed up by that too. Silly people.

    (I also hate that song.)

    1. It drives me crazy! I spent time and effort to learn that rule, and then, for a high level piece, for some reason, they think we'll need a reminder!

      Sorry you hate the song. =P

  3. Hi Lizzie! How nice to meet you today!
    I used to play the piano, but that was a while ago. I don't think I'd ever notice those errors. Someone needs a good editor, huh? Like Delvalina, I would love to hear you play. Reading music is such a blessing, not everyone can do it!

    I look forward to getting to know you better. Please stop by my blog anytime and join in the comments :)

  4. Good to meet you too!
    Well, I wouldn't really call them errors, I think they did it intentionally to try and be helpful (even though the rule of accidentals makes it unnecessary) but unfortunately it was the opposite of helpful for me. ;) I'm very thankful that I was able to take piano lessons for so many years and learn to read music.

    Thank you for the welcoming invitation! I will certainly pop in sometime soon! =)