Monday, June 8, 2015

10 Favorite Screen Characters Tag

My lovely sister Sarah at How To Watch a Movie tagged me. Be sure to check out her post, because she really knows how to pick characters, and articulate why she likes them!

I'm not so great at explaining why I like characters, and I'm afraid most of my choices will be a bit predictable and cliche, but all the same I'm looking forward to thinking about some of my favorites for my own amusement, and maybe you'll enjoy it too! 

(This is not actually my top 10, just some of my favorite characters off the top of my head, and they are in no particular order, really)

Miss Elizabeth Bennet
Jane Austen wrote what is arguably her best novel, and the main character just happens to share my first name... how could she not be the first that comes to my mind? Of course, as a Pride and Prejudice 1995 fan, this strictly applies to Jennifer Ehle's Lizzy; cultured but playful, enthusiastic and passionate, sparkling eyes, sophistication but no superficiality, honest and sincere, although a little prejudiced and too quick to judge. She laughs off Mr. Darcy's "not handsome enough to tempt me" comment so much more easily than I should be able to do.

Miss Elinor Dashwood
Okay, this whole list won't be Austen characters, I promise, but I have to include Hattie Morahan's Elinor from Sense and Sensibility (2008) as well, because I would wish for myself to be the perfect mix of her and Lizzy, they have many similar characteristics in my opinion (sophistication without superficiality, honesty and sincerity) but Elinor is more calm and serene, more sensible and steady, and has more control over her thoughts and emotions than Lizzy. To keep Lucy's secret so steadfastly, even though the knowledge of it caused her immense pain, and to have such control over herself that not even those closest to her could discover her heartbreak? So inspiring... I don't think I could do it. Especially for someone like Lucy, I don't think I would be able to refrain from telling my sister, especially when the confidence was forced on me like that!

Gilbert Blythe
Everybody is supposed to likes Anne, right? And I'm a redhead, so she should be my favorite from Anne of Green Gables, right? But I have three major qualms with Anne: 1) she doesn't appreciate her red hair, like I do, 2) she berates the spelling of Ann with no 'e,' which is how my middle name is spelled, and 3) she doesn't appreciate Gil nearly enough! He is my favorite character, and as a younger girl, I always wished and dreamed that I could have that kind of growing-up-with-the-man-you-eventually-marry experience. (Unfortunately, I am now 24 and none of the potential candidates from my childhood stuck around to my adult life. Oh well!) He's so sweet, and very determined, even though Anne rebuffs him over and over! I just don't understand why it takes her so long to realize how wonderful he is. (Very sad that the actor died recently, but that did not influence his standing as one of my favorite characters.)

Matt Murdock
Tall, dark and melancholy... hmm, maybe I do agree with Anne a little. Although I think I'd pick Gil first, Matt Murdock certainly has some first rate qualities, and is an extremely interesting character with his nearly conflicting day job and night activities. When he talks about the "devil inside" it's a little frightening, but the mild, quiet and kind lawyer of the day makes up for the dark and dangerous nighttime vigilante. Charlie Cox has some awesome facial expressions, especially since he doesn't really get to use his eyes. A new favorite character, and I'm looking forward to more from Daredevil!

Captain America
Yes, I like Captain America best of all the Avengers. Maybe he's a little old-fashioned... I don't care, I like old-fashioned, and he is from the past after all! He's also gentlemanly, chivalrous, kind, courageous and generally awesome. It makes me so sad that he didn't get to have his dance with Peggy, and I want him to find another girl, but at the same time, I don't. I've heard he might die in one of the films coming up in the next couple of years (depending on how closely they mimic the comics) and that is just heart-breaking to me! I hope they don't do it. But shh, I have to keep it a secret that I like him so much, my little brother likes to rant about how much he dislikes Cap... more stabs to my heart. No matter how hard we try, we can't get him to appreciate that Cap's strength of character is what TRULY makes him a superhero, and far outweighs the genetic modification that makes him LOOK like a superhero and gives him physical strength to match his character.

Arthur Clennam
 Little Dorrit is my favorite Dickens story so far, and while I love Amy, Arthur has to be my favorite character from the story. He's so gentle and kind-hearted, and the only thing I don't like about him is how much he likes Pet at first! How he could fall in love with her instead of Amy in the first place, I'll never understand. But at least he comes around finally... but then he won't marry Amy when he's stuck in the Marshalsea! Okay, so there's two things I don't like about him... but at least he refuses to marry Amy for what he thinks is her good. And spoiler, it all works out in the end, you know I can't stand unhappy endings. He's thoughtful, considerate, quiet and so heart-wrenchingly adorable, played amazingly by Matthew MacFadyen (who redeemed himself completely in my opinion through this role). 

Mr. John Thornton
I know, I know, too many leading men, right? Maybe I'll do some favorite annoying characters next. But I couldn't leave out Mr. Thornton, his voice is like rich dark chocolate, and he has a great accent, plus the "Mr. Darcy" effect of being a bit cold and unlikeable at first, but then showing that his heart really is capable of deep, sincere affection. Some of his lines aren't great, but that's not his fault. I love how he keeps Margaret's secret, even after she rejects him, and how his face completely softens when he sees her after visiting Helstone. He's another great example of a tall, dark, melancholy character. Hmm, we need to watch North and South again.

Miss Bates
I know I promised that I wouldn't make the whole list Austen, but if I'm going to do favorite annoying characters, I've got to put at least one of Austen's amazing irritating characters, right? Miss Bates really isn't too bad since, unlike Mrs. Bennet, she has her likeable moments. Miss Bates may be a bit annoying at times, with her prattling on, and dull topics, but she is good-natured and harmless. I always feel very sorry for her when Emma slights her, and appreciate Mr. Knightley's stern "badly done, Emma!" as being exactly as forceful as I would personally like (hehe, yes, I just snuck in a little compliment to an Austen hero... I really feel bad for leaving out all her wonderful men, since they are certainly favorites as well!) She is played particularly well by Sophie Thompson in the 1996 Emma with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Katniss Everdeen
Yep, she's one of my favorite annoying characters. She's a very realistic character, but she gets on my nerves in many ways... her coldness towards everyone but Prim, her wishy-washy indecision between Peeta and Gale, her hesitation at being the Mockingjay, disliking Buttercup, and I could go on. They're all perfectly suited to her character, but they still annoy me, and yet I still really like Katniss. Jennifer Lawrence does a great job making me feel more sympathetic towards her than I did in the book. And besides her flaws, she is loyal (once one breaks into her heart) and pretty smart. I'm both looking forward to and dreading the last installment of the movie franchise!

Captain James T. Kirk
Okay, I don't know if I'd say he's one of my favorite annoying characters, because he really doesn't annoy me as much as he should, considering how arrogant and stupid he is at the beginning! Chris Pine is incredible in the reboot of Star Trek (2009) and even though he's a bit annoying occasionally, he's not nearly as annoying as I found William Shater's character to be! I never cared much for the old Star Trek, but Chris Pine's Kirk (and the other amazing characters, like Spock, Bones and Chekov) all made me love Star Trek! Even though Kirk is a playboy, rebellious, cocky guy, he made me like him. And he does have good think-outside-the-box smarts, courage and some selfless moments. (Those eyebrows, though..)

There you are, 10 of my favorite screen characters! I know I took forever on this, so I'm not going to try and tag anyone, but feel free to participate if you haven't yet! Also, let me know what you think of my choices in the comments!


  1. Elinor, Gilbert, Captain America, Thornton and Captain Kirk. (And of course, I love Elizabeth Bennet.) What a spectacular list, Lizzie. As for Katniss, this is my thought as well: "...her wishy-washy indecision between Peeta and Gale..." She does bug me a lot.

  2. Hey, Lizzie, I will read through this entire post, I swear, but this is more to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award HERE! :)

    1. Thanks, Carissa! I'm honored. =)