Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I think I've mentioned the other diets we've done before, my previous favorites being The Maker's Diet and the GAPS Diet. Well, after seeing a lot of yummy pictures on my instagram feed tagged #whole30 and hearing success stories from friends, I decided to give it a try! I'm on day 8, and so far I'm loving it. I'll get back to you day 30 and beyond with my final opinion.

The Whole30 book has a ton of amazing recipes, so far I've particularly enjoyed the chicken salad with homemade mayo in endive leaves, the no-fuss salmon cakes, and a roast leg of lamb that was wonderfully delicious, and so much easier than I thought! Their recipes do a great job of making cooking seem easy, and they even include a section on how to cook "perfect" basics, like how to cook steak, or ground meat, or fish! We followed their instructions for white-fleshed fish (something we already fixed on a regular basis) and discovered that we had been overcooking it all this time! It was so tender and moist!

So far as food restrictions go, Whole30 hasn't been much different from what I had been eating on GAPS, I had already cut out the GAPS-approved kefir and yogurt, and was feeling like I needed to cut out cheese and peanut butter as well. The hardest thing is butter, because I was really enjoying "Bulletproof" tea (I don't drink coffee) in the morning. (What's "Bulletproof"? My version is blending butter and coconut oil into tea with a high-powered blender. It creates a creamy tea with a frothy foam on top, and it's really delicious and filling with all that good fat!) Since I had to give that up for Whole 30, I've actually weaned myself off of morning caffeine. Honey is the only sweetener we'd been having on GAPS, and I had already cut that out as well, so I can't say the restrictions have been hard at all, personally. And Whole30 allows potatoes, which were not allowed on GAPS! Sweet potato baked "fry" frenzy has definitely ensued!

What I'm most excited about is the food reintroduction plan. After the 30 days of Whole30, you control the reintroduction so that you can discover exactly what foods you are and are not sensitive too. If you're always eating triggers like gluten, dairy and sugar together, how do you know what's actually causing your issues? I'm hoping that after this 30 days, my intestines will be "healed and sealed" (a GAPS term) so that I won't have any food sensitivities, but if I do, I will know for sure what they are and will be able to avoid them! I suspect (from some cheating I have done off GAPS) that I have a gluten sensitivity, but my psoriasis hasn't completely cleared up yet, so that's a sign that I'm not finished healing yet either. I'm also eager to find out if sprouted/soaked/sourdough bread products will cause my body to respond differently than standard bread products, so I'm planning on testing them separately.

By the way, about my psoriasis, being on GAPS has definitely made some progress, but I think what has really vamped up the healing these last few weeks is the clove of garlic I've been taking every morning! I just chop it into pill-sized pieces and swallow it with my blood cleanser and anti-inflammatory herb capsules. I don't notice any garlic breath, and my psoriasis has been clearing up very quickly and obviously since I've started. I think continuing the garlic cloves with Whole30 might finally kick my psoriasis! But I probably shouldn't get my hopes too high... we'll see!

Lastly, the bonus of Whole30 is that I've FINALLY started meal planning! It's been great, I planned meals for Tues-Fri last week, bought (almost) everything I planned, and actually stretched it all to cover Saturday and Sunday meals! I definitely have some room for improvement, but I was pleased it went so well last week. I've been wanting to try planning meals, but it's never really worked out before. I think it went so well last week because I'm the only one in my family on Whole30, so I just planned what I wanted for my meals, and then planned to make enough for the rest of family if they were interested. My meal planning yesterday was a little harder (I was tired Day 7 is "I just want a nap"), but I got it all planned and the shopping done, so I'll see how it goes this week! 

Now I'm off to go try making "Perfect Seared Chicken" and "Roasted Root Vegetables in Curry Sauce" for dinner! 

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