Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

It's been almost 3 months since I last posted. I know I've been very neglectful of my poor little blog lately, and I haven't been keeping up with all my lovely blog friends very well either! Lots of other exciting, busy and fun things have been keeping me occupied.

My piano teaching studio has reached its maximum capacity of 30 students! I'm thrilled to have so many great students, and I really enjoy their lessons, but that keeps me very busy.

I'm also still working on my first (and probably ONLY, considering how long it's taking me!) solo recital. As an achievement that I would have been required to complete in college, I thought it would be a good challenge, but it's taken much longer than I hoped, and I'm really ready to finish it and move on!

Tuning has not been going well lately, I'm feeling very stuck. And with my students, and my recital program, it's definitely been getting left out of my work schedule. 

My work goals for this year are:
- Have my annual Spring recital for my studio
- Create a more professional studio policy for managing payments, cancellations, etc.
- Perform my solo recital as soon as possible (hopefully by summer at the latest) 
- Finish the tuning course by the end of the year
- Get my second piano in shape so my older intermediate students can begin concerti

Whole30 was the topic of my last post, so I'm sure you're not surprised to hear that I'm still very happy with my results on Whole30! I'm starting my second round with the new year this January! I can't remember ever feeling as great as I did on Whole30, and after some holiday cheating and a little bit of feeling gross, I'm excited to get back into Whole30, and hopefully, a better sleep cycle! Even before the holidays took me into late nights, I was struggling to sleep through the night, waking up in the wee hours and tossing around for sometimes 2-3 hours quite regularly. My psoriasis is continuing to improve, but more slowly since I haven't been on Whole30. 

My health goals for this year are:
- Completely clear up my psoriasis
- Focus on understanding my body and learning what foods I do well with, and which ones to avoid
- Get my sleep and hormones back in shape
- Find a regular exercise routine that works for me

In keeping with my goals, I'm now going to go to bed... and I'm going to try not to edit and rewrite my blog posts so much, so instead of letting this sit in my drafts for a few days, I'm just going to publish it! Hopefully a part two will come later, as I do have some more goals and such on my mind. Happy 2016 to all!